Welcome To pc-link!

We Are A Computer Support and IT Company With A Big Difference:

We Listen!

Who Do We Listen To?

You The Customer!

What Do We Hear?

What ever the customer says.

When Do We Hear You?

Right Now!


Call Us First

When Failure Is Not An Option

You run your business, we will figure out how to keep it going.


Once we know what is needed, we will keep you going, no matter what!


Did we get it right? If not, we will try again and again until you are satisfied.


Complete IT and Computer Support


Business-critical applications must be kept running day and night.


No matter where you data is located, it must be safe, secure, and reliable.

Operating Systems

Your decide what OS works best for you we support them all. Windows, OSX, Linux, Android or IOS.


Modern applications and data can run anywhere. Servers, workstations, notebooks, iPhones or iPads. It makes no difference to us.


What Services Do You Offer?


Everybody prints and runs out of toner. Call us and we will get you more! We keep a list of what you need and when you need it.

Upgrades And Installations

Computers get old, applications need updating. We will keep your hardware and software running at peak performance and reliability.

Backup And Storage

How much do you value your data? The most significant risk is the easiest to cure. Store your data both onsite and offsite for greater safety and reliability.

Cloud Computing

Tired of data loss and having to constantly upgrade Windows and your applications. Migrate to the cloud and we will do this for you!

Disaster Recovery

Breakins, floods, and fire always happen to somebody else, until they happen to you. Make sure your business can survive even the greatest challenge without interrruption.

Security Audit

Trust in business is essential. Make sure that trust is earned and respected by keeping and eye on things.


Where And When Can I Get My Problems Fixed?

Remote Support

Most problems can be easily fixed within minutes by a remote support session. With your permsission, we will access your system remotely and without travel time!

Onsite Support

More serious, or hardware problems, may require an onsite visit. If necessary, we can be there within a few hours!

Online Support

Cloud applications and data have the best of both worlds. They are secure, always available, and guaranteed to work!


Support For Every Budget


For smaller and less business-critical applications, bronze level support gives good value for money.


Many applications need at bit more attention and care. Silver support gives that little bit extra required.


Mission critical applications, like e-Commerce, simply cannot be allowed to fail. Gold support goes the extra mile to keep them up and runnng.